Edward Holmes

Proud Owner of Flaps Hot Tamales


My name is Edward (Flap) Holmes. I was born in Greenville, MS, the heart of the Delta.  I am a graduate of Coleman High School and majored in Business Administration at Delta State University.


I grew up in the family house on Hinds Street just down the street from Doe's Eat Place in Greenville, MS.  I passed Doe's Eat Place everyday on my way to school, church or going to the store across the street called Duck's Grocery.


I always had an interest in hot tamales. I used to go to work with the grown men and women sometimes cleaning corn husk and rolling tamales at an early age.  I was shown how do do a lot with tamales and how to make barbecue sauce from scratch by Mr. Henry Stampley, Mr. Bluesoe, and Mr. Joe McGee.  I did not know at the time that these were the men that were responsible for running the daily operation on tamales at Doe's. 


I observed the operations there at Doe's.  During that time the Blacks had to go through the front door to be served at the counter bar with four stools and the Whites went through the back door to the dining room area.  The place was packed every night.  There was no parking space outside.


I used to fantasize about serving tamales along with other fancy dishes.  I left college and joined the military during the Vietnam War.  After my military years of duties, I went back to Greenville and opened my own restaurant called the Palace Inn Restaurant.  After 15 years of operating the Palace Inn Restaurant, the economy began to get bad and I closed down that operation, liquidated my assets and moved to Houston, TX for another 15 years.


Not working in the field that I enjoyed, which is cooking, I moved back to Mississippi where I decided to open another restaurant here in Jackson selling hot tamales, smoked rib tips, along with other good products. Everywhere I traveled, I served homemade tamales across this country and Europe, where people enjoyed them to their fullest.  


I took what I learned from the men at Doe's and my brother, Albert Joe Holmes, and put my own Delta Authentic Touch inside of Flap's Hot Tamales and started this business. You will love them so come by "Flap's Hot Tamales" and get yourself a southern treat.  You deserve it for yourself.  Flap's Hot Tamales, "the authentic secret delta recipe!" It's somehting to howl about!


I will be looking for you,

Edward Holmes, Owner